Roger and Karen Marcil founded Absolute Protection Team after witnessing the family pride from Roger’s father. Roger’s father, a former marine, worked for a national security and fire alarm dealer in New England before moving his family to West Palm Beach to start his own company. After growing up in the business, Roger was ready to start his own company in Vero Beach, Florida.

Roger's experience inspired him to start a security company that used quality products and provide superior service to good people. Today, Absolute Protection Team is locally owned and operated in Vero Beach, Florida and proud to be part of a bigger security family—Bates Security.

Experience Makes All The Difference!

Like Absolute Protection Team, Bates Security is family-owned and locally operated. They also share a similar philosophy on how to treat customers. Having worked as a Dallas police officer, Sonny Bates of Bates Security understood that strong security derived from advanced technology and exceptional customer service. The success of Bates Security prompted the Bates family to expand into central Florida. Both understood the fundamentals of solid security and customer service, which is why APT and Bates Security were a perfect match to merge together.

Today, Bates Security is run by Sonny’s sons, Jeremy and Bryan. Roger, meanwhile, is a commercial and residential sales consultant for the Vero Beach office.

Bates Security has a local office in Lexington, KY., Prestonsburg, KY., Jacksonville, FL. and now Vero Beach, FL.

Our 3 guiding principles

1) Don't just sell products, provide service

We don't just sell you security equipment and leave. We take a consultative approach to security. That means we send a security professional to your home or business to find exactly what security services you need and where. Then we install it all for you and teach you how to use it, so there's no guessing on your part.

2) Use only solid security equipment

As a police officer, Sonny saw how cheap security equipment was about as useful as having no equipment at all. That's why, to keep you safe, we only install sturdy, tamperproof security equipment.

3) Provide local customer service that cares

Who wants to talk to a recording on the phone, when you need customer service now? No one! When you call us, you'll always get live customer service at our local customer service center.

Ready for police-trusted security?