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Today's business surveillance systems are more powerful than ever before, giving business owners unprecedented control over the security of their property and the safety of their employees. 

The Absolute Protection Team offers advanced surveillance services and equipment for Florida businesses, including remote-access-ready security cameras, 24/7 monitoring support, cloud storage and much more.

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Video surveillance services by The Absolute Protection Team

Absolute designs custom surveillance systems for warehouses, convenience stores, retail outlets, enterprise commercial properties and more. From indoor dome cams to long-range infrared outdoor cams, we have what you need to protect your business. 

Modern surveillance networks combine wireless connectivity with secure cloud-based storage. Video footage is now instantly converted to a digitalized format, allowing property owners to view security footage from their phones, a home office, or any web-capable device. 

The Absolute Protection Team can monitor feeds from a property's surveillance network and quickly verify if a crime is taking place. This reduces false alarms and increases the speed at which emergency services are dispatched to your property. 

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Video Surveillance Installations in 4 Simple Steps

  1. Schedule your free consultation

    Call 772-770-0111 or schedule your consultation with us online. An expert security consultant will be assigned to your project and reach out to you on the day of the consultation.

  2. Talk to us about your objectives

    The Absolute Protection Team begins every custom surveillance installation by listening to the needs of our clients. We want to know what success looks like regarding their new camera network. Furthermore, we always tour a client's property to identify blindspots or trouble-areas which a thief could exploit.

  3. Choose your surveillance equipment

    Once we've discussed objectives and reviewed the premises, the next step is selecting the cameras and other equipment that will defend the property. We promise we'll only suggest equipment and solutions that are right for your business.

  4. Relax while we install your system

    The Absolute Protection Team will return to a client's property on a pre-determined date to install the new system. The installation includes placing the cameras, building the network, setting up cloud storage and educating your team on how to properly use the system. 

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